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Tarkov Community - Back again, Jenko's back, tell a friend!


Welcome to the techy world of Tarkov community updates!

So, picture this: I had this grand plan centered around Twitter, but Twitter had a meltdown and became – of all things!

Initially, the idea was all about the Twitter account @tarkovcommunity. But guess what? The project owner dropped it, leaving us in need of a serious pivot.

Here are the new ideas I'm tossing around:

This place will be your Tarkov go-to for everything you need. We're talking live events on display. And guess what? Seasonal changes are in the mix! If you're feeling fancy, we might even tap into Logical's Tarkov API.

Now, to spruce things up, I decided to ditch the map. It just didn't jive with my vision. I was dreaming of an interactive map, but Tarkov's map, well, it wasn't cooperating. Regions, fancy animations – I had it all in mind, but it just wasn't meant to be.

Instead, I whipped up a slick top navigation bar. Bootstrap's navbar? Nah, didn't quite hit the mark for me. So, I rolled up my sleeves and went with flexed buttons.

Speaking of style, I wanted to jazz things up with SASS theme colors. But for some mysterious reason, that didn't fly. More detective work needed on that front.

But don't fret, I've got a JavaScript object that's locked and loaded with Tarkov map data. And here's the kicker: I'm thinking of taking this show on the road with React/Vite and Firebase/PouchDB (or maybe even WatermelonDB) to store the data. Imagine this – no more calls every time for Tarkov API data. We'll just have a "last synced" entry, and if it's been more than 12 hours, we'll pull the data. How's that for efficiency?

And the ideas just keep rolling – Halloween, Christmas, seasonal shindigs with the flick of a flag. Oh, and I'm mulling over a "X days since wipe" counter.

Sounds like a techy Tarkov adventure, right? But life might get in the way, so till next time, tech aficionados! 👋💻🚀