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Attempting to rock the Twitch Stream with Auto-Tuned Tunes!


If you're a regular supporter or friend of ThatFriendlyGuy, you know that streaming themed music can turn an ordinary day into a full-blown dance party. But here's the catch – setting up the Spotify playlist for these musical journeys requires manual intervention via Remote Desktop access. It's time to tackle this challenge head-on and make the streaming experience more interactive and entertaining!

How am I fixing this?

Imagine a world where viewers can seamlessly contribute to the playlist, vote for their favorite tracks, and even have themed days with a smooth approval system. Sound intriguing? Here's my plan:

Step 1 - The API

First, I decided to dive into the Spotify Developer world. Armed with a Spotify developer account and a GitHub repository, I embarked on this technical adventure.

Attempt 1: Wireframes and Flexbox Magic

I started by designing the front-end using HTML and CSS, making it look good and user-friendly. Then, I attempted to set up the PKCE flow authorization for Spotify, but, alas, it didn't quite hit the right notes.

Attempt 2: Web App Profiles and TypeScript

Undaunted, I switched to using the web app profile client-side application with TypeScript. It was an excellent opportunity to learn TS and have a second go at creating the Spotify playlist interaction. Progress was made as I successfully displayed the current playlist. However, I hit a roadblock when it came to implementing the search function.

The I Got Bored Of This And Another Solution Was Found So I Stopped

Alas, dear readers, my journey was cut short. The technical challenges and my waning enthusiasm led to a halt in this quest. But fear not, for every story must have an end, and in this case, it was a happy one. A solution surfaced, integrated into a Twitch bot, rendering my project unnecessary. Sometimes, the journey itself is the reward, even if it ends without reaching the intended destination. The excitement of the pursuit always keeps us going, and who knows, the DJ-bots of tomorrow may still need our creative touch!